To get started, you can either call (918) 231-6063 and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, or you may also complete the online form on our contact us page and Sandy will call you to set up a consultation.

Best In Class Pet Au Pair will not provide service until we’ve met with you and your pet. During our visit, we will get to know you and your pet, and will record various types of information including (but not limited to):

- Basic account information - Name, address, etc.
- Pet information - Breed, age, etc.
Feeding and watering schedules
- Medication information
- Any medical conditions
- Location of pet supplies
- Your vet’s name, number and address
- An emergency contact number
- Any other special concerns or needs you might have

At this time, we will also explain all fees and review and answer any questions you might have regarding our policies. Sandy will also perform a "Snout to Tail Assessment" to determine your pet's general health prior to agreeing to care for your pet.

What You Will Need to Get Started:

TWO sets of spare keys
Best In Class Pet Au Pair will retain your security coded keys unless otherwise instructed. We require 2 sets of keys to avoid any interruption in service. Please test all keys. Keys will be returned upon your request. Keys will be collected during initial consultation.
You will be required to complete various forms which Sandy will leave with you during the initital consultation. It is important that all forms are completed in full. These forms will be picked up on the first day of service.

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